Wolf MHS

45 Years of Excellence in Material Handling

Our Value to You

All across the country, material handling infrastructure affects our lives. The coal conveyor at a power plant which keeps your family warm in a blizzard. The wastewater plants the provides clean water to schools. Recycling facilities cleaning our environment, and gasification plants innovating fuel for the future. Everyday our families, businesses, and communities rely on these systems. As a family-owned company We understand the value of reliable, safe infrastructure. Efficiency and quality are essential to what we do. We are not satisfied until our customers have the best system possible. What makes the difference is our commitment to our partners. The Wolf name means the highest quality, optimized processes, and efficient results. But more than that, it means a partner. Every wolf system comes with our unmatched Performance Guarantee. We guarantee our systems willproduce the desired outcome, every time. Standing behind our systems and our partners that use oursystemsis the heart of Wolfs mission. At the end of the day, whether it's the bottom line, a cleaner environment, or a healthy family, the systems that support us all need to work. A partner to make things work is invaluable.

Our Company

Established in 1978, Wolf's humble beginning started in the paper mills of Minnesota. From paper mills, Wolf has grown to power generation, mining, waste management and much more. Wolf continues to be on the forefront on innovation with gasification and renewable energy projects. In 2004 Wolf joined the Hoffmann Group to better serve their expanding customer base. With Hoffmann Group Wolf can provides engineering from concept to final design. Wolf now offers equipment manufacturing and fabrication. The future is bright as Wolf continues to pursue innovation while always staying committed our partners.


Wolf And Associates, Inc. is Founded in Elk River, MN. Wolf Completes its first project, An agricultural residue power facility in Delano, CA

Railcar Unloading System


First Mine to Mouth Coal Handling system with Unit Train Load-out project in Gillete, WY. Wolf begins a relationship with Hoffmann Silos.


Wolf and Associates, Inc. joins HoffmannGroup and the name is changed to Wolf Material Handling Systems


Wolf Completes USA's largest biomass power plant with 115 MW for Southern Power Compant in Sacul, TX.

Power Engineering's 2012 Biomass Project of the Year


Wolf Completes 102.5 MW Deerhaven Renewable Energy Project in Gainesville, FL

Bioengineering Project of the Year - Finalist