At Wolf Material Handling Systems, our capabilities and experience allow us to design, engineer, manufacture and integrate material handling systems and equipment for many industries such as bioenergy & renewable fuels, waste-to-energy, gasification, biomass, municipal solid waste, manufacturing and recycling, pulp and paper, power generation, agriculture, mining, fertliizer and chemical, and more.

Since 1978, Wolf Material Handling Systems has completed projects on time to meet or exceed quality standards. Wolf systems and equipment have never had a major system failure and a performance guarantee is often provided to our clients. Our satisfied customers know Wolf’s trustworthy reputation and the dedication of our staff to insure the job is done right.

This site section showcases just a few of our projects and scope of work. Our systems and equipment crossover many markets and types of material. These projects are just a sampling from our diverse customer base.

Wood Biomass

Wolf designed, engineered and supplied equipment of a complete wood biomass fuel handling system.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Wolf designed, engineered and supplied equipment for a complete municipal solid waste (MSW) fuel handling system.

Agricultural Residues

Wolf engineered, designed and manufactured equipment for complete material handling system for agricultural residues.

Metal Recovery from Mixed Ash

Wolf engineered, designed supplied equipment for complete metal recovery system from a mixed ash stream.

Waste Wood and Urban Wood

Wolf engineered, designed and supplied equipment for wood waste and urban wood waste fuel handling system.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Wood Chips

Wolf engineered, designed and supplied material handling equipment for refuse derived fuel (RDF) and woodchips.