Wolf Material Handling Systems has over four decades experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing systems and equipment for coal and other minerals.

Coal and other minerals such as limestone and gypsum remain in abundant supply. Coal is a critical feedstock to generate baseload power. Renewables such as wind and solar provide power but are intermittent and lack storage capacity. Bituminous coal, subbituminous coal and lignite can be co-fired with biomass and other sources, combusted to produce steam that drives a turbine to produce electricity. Many industries rely on coal and other minerals such as steel, cement, paper, aluminum, chemical, pharmaceuticals and many more. Coal can also undergo gasification and be liquified to produce synthetic gas and other chemicals.

Coal and other minerals’ material handling systems often require rail loading and unloading, ship loading and unloading, truck loading and unloading, receiving hoppers, belt conveyors, belt feeders, bucket elevators, boiler feed, stackers, stacker reclaimers, and sizing, crushing, blending and storage.