Wolf Material Handling Systems designs, engineers and manufacturers systems and equipment for fertilizer granular plants.

Granular fertilizers are solid granules and have unique material handling requirements. Fertilizer can be natural or of synthetic origin. The fertilizer market is valued at over $150 billion in the US alone. Organic fertilizers can include biosolids, compost and manure and decompose over time releasing their nutrients. Most inorganic fertilizers are a combination of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous and derived from chemical processes such as urea, ammonium sulfate and calcium nitrate. Phosphate rock, potash, and lime can also be processed.

Material handling systems for fertilizer can include barge loading and unloading, truck loading and unloading, rail loading and unloading, truck dumpers, storage, stacker, stacker reclaimer, reclaim drag conveyors and reclaimers.

Troughed Conveyor and Load-Out at Fertilizer Granular Plant
Stacker at Fertilizer Granular Terminal