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    Stationary Stacker Conveyor Engineered and Manufactured by Wolf Material Handling Systems


    Stackers create large crescent shaped piles for material storage. Stackers are common in paper, fertilizer, mining and power facilities. Stackers travel on a rail to create wider piles. Radial stackers pivot to pile the material from a telescoping spout. Luffingisthe term used to describe vertically lifting the stacker.

    Wolf Engineered, Designed and Manufactured Stacker Reclaimer


    Reclaimers may be under or above ground equipment. Underground reclaimers, sometimes called under pile reclaimers, are like ahopper. Above ground reclaimers, like the one shown above, use buckets to scope material from a pile. Reclaimers work for many different material types and industries.

    Wolf Engineered, Designed and Manufactured Stacker Reclaimer

    Stacker Reclaimer

    Stacker reclaimers are a combination of a radial stacker and an above ground reclaimer. They can use automation to store and reclaim material as needed. Common industries that use stacker reclaimers include biomass, paper, power generation, and mining.

    Wolf Manufactured Belt Conveyor at Coal Processing Plant


    Conveyors are mechanical equipment designed to move bulk materials over distance and elevation. Conveyor systems are common across most industries. Conveyor types include: Apron, belt, chain, drag, screw, and sidewall.



    Storage for large tonnages of dry bulk materials is often best met using concrete silos. Concrete has advantages over steel bins as it is more durable and cost effective over its lifespan. Silo Longterm dry storage of material and reduce labor and payloader expenses. common industries for silos include agriculture, mining, and power generation.

    Multiple Strand Drive-Thru Truck Dumper

    Truck Dumpers

    Truck and trailer dumpers are a quick and efficient way to unload material. The dumpers can unload onto the ground, into a pit, or receiving hopper. Portable truck dumpers are also available and growing in popularity. Common industries for truck dumpers are paper, power generation and waste management.

    Belt Feeder at Manufacturing Plant

    Belt Feeders

    Belt feeders work with crushers, grinders, and mixers to automate belt conveyor loading. Belt feeders are very effective for smaller material. Typical materials handled by belt feeders are grain, ash, coal, and fertilizer.

    Dual Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators scoop materials and transport it to a higher elevation. Bucket elevators are great for applications with limited space. Common industries include agriculture, mining, and fertilizer.

    Eight Screw Metering Bin Engineered, Design and Manufactured by Wolf Material Handling Systems

    Metering Bins

    Metering bins use one or many screws to discharge material at a specified rate. Metering bins are effective for municipal solid waste, power generation and paper mills.